Enabling the digital Market place

Our aim is to become Bangalore’s largest and most profitable successful company for the home and commercial service market place. We bring an organized manpower for many service spaces. Reliable One Time Job Solutions Pvt. Ltd. branded as OTJ247 is built to enable an efficient Operating System for digital Market place in India, and beyond.

OTJ247 aim is to build trust & improve the lives of our 3 primary sets of customers: Consumers, small businesses and enterprises

Here we enable and also control our vendors for our partners to develop efficient operations & related services.

We efficiently seek to eliminate all of the information asymmetries and intermediary inefficiencies that prevent our customers from transacting at lowest possible costs

Our Parent company BALRAM CORPORATE SERVICES PVT.LTD & FIRE PREVENT SYSTEMS has been exceeding client expectations & fulfilling their requirements in the B2B sector over a decade

With a strong and successful customer base and vision Our Founder Major Prashant Rai, an EX-Army and our Co-founder Shubhangi Rai  streamed into making a new entity to provide a wider range of services as OTJ247

Taking these values forward with a strong, verified & highly skilled leadership, we look forward to reach each one in need