Job Ready?

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This blog is kinnda personal because I am on the verge of finishing off my degree. The idea popped up because I was pondering upon whether after five years of grind and hard work, are we really fit enough to face the world?

So my question is, Is Indian education system fast forward enough to make its young population competent to take up challenging head on? The answer is saddening “ NO”. enter image description here

Applicability Of Rule Of Property In The Field Of E-Commerce

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Intellectual property in legal terms can be defined as industrial property and to copyright and related rights. The term Industrial property itself comprises of the protection of patents, trademarks, industrial designs, and geographical indications. There are myriad of reasons that E-Commerce is important to Intellectual Property. E-Commerce, more than other traditional forms of business models more often than not involves selling products and services that are based on Intellectual ...

Women's Day

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Even in a time when human civilization is at zenith of advancement and sophistication, being women in India is not easy. She faces discrimination at every stage of life sometimes even before she is born.

In this unfair scenario following laws are passed by parliamentarians to end all sorts of discrimination.

1. The Prohibition of child Marriage Act 2006

This Act out rightly bans child marriages in India. It provides Civil as well Criminal remedies which makes the ...

No Fault Liability


The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 was enacted by the parliament of India on July 1st 1989; this Act was a replacement to the previous Motor Vehicles Act of 1939. This Act is a more detailed and comprehensive Act if compared to the Act of 1939. The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 regulates all road transport within the country and deals with all laws pertaining to road transport. The Act deals in depth with provisions regarding licensing of drivers/conductors, registration of motor vehicles, control ...

Irretrievable Breakdown Theory Of Marriage


Legally speaking the concept refers to the situation when either or both spouses are no longer able to live or willing to live with each other, thereby destroying their marital relationship with no hope of recommencement of their spousal duties. There is no longer an iota of hope that parties will also be reconciled to continue their matrimonial existence, the marriage can be viewed as Irretrievable Breakdown of marriage.

This concept was first introduced in New Zealand. The ...

Right To Property

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It is said that nothing worthwhile comes easy. Things we take for granted is a result of someone else’s hard work and sacrifice. Did you know this that women in India in past could not acquire property. It could be an inference that female folk were not considered worthy of holding the right to property. Here is a sneak peek into how the scenario changed.

The Hindu Succession Act, 1956, was an act to amend and codify laws relating to intestate succession ...

Tribute To The Past

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The social reformers attacked a number of traditional, authoritarian, and hierarchical social institutions and launched social reform movements to liberate the Indian women from their shackles. There were two distinct groups of progressive movements aimed at the upliftment of Indian women. Both of these groups were aware of the restrictive and coercive nature of the existing social customs and institutions. Reformers formed the group, which vehemently opposed these customs and ...

The Retributive Theory Of Punishment

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The theory of punishment that has been propounded has laid inherent importance on the retributive theory of justice. This theory of retributive justice forms its foundation on the principle of punishment is the best response to crime. The reasoning behind the same is that when the offender breaks the law, only forfeit of something in return shall result in the delivering of justice. This theory of punishment is based on the simple principle of, ‘An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’. ...

A Sustainable Way To Change Judiciary- Paralegals

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Para-medical? Para-military? Sounds familiar, right! But what about paralegals?

Ok, one more hint role of Meghan Markel in Legal Drama titled “Suits” where she plays the role of Rachel Zane who works as a paralegal in the firm partnered by Harvey Spectre.

I being a law student came across this word only in my final semester when a subject titled Paralegal Services was offered as an elective. The irony is that the legislation which envisages free legal aid in India that is ...

Medical Negligence

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This blog is about the issue, I something personally feel for, it’s so grave and demeaning that professionals take some- one’s post cherished possession called life so casually. So I stumbled upon this topic because of a recent catch up with my colleague at office. It began by me asking about how her parents were doing, to my utter despair and shock she told me even after getting her parents admitted to India’s best medical care centre; senior doctors were not able to diagnose the ailment ...