Post Diwali Cleaning Tips: Cracker Stains

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Cracker stains on the floor are often caused by flower pots and Chakris. Stains are usually remains of gun powder that end up sticking to the floor because of the pressure conditions during explosion. Cracker burn marks on your terrace floor or the veranda are a common problem most people face during Diwali. Eliminating these stains are a very important post Diwali measures we need to take.

If not dealt with promptly, stains caused by crackers can be hard to eliminate. Amidst the fun and frolic, people often forget to take quick action in removing stains from one's terrace caused by crackers. Moreover, if proper techniques aren't followed, it can make things worse. While we show you ways by which you can get rid of these stains, we also advise you to refrain from burning crackers. Here are a few natural ways by which you can get rid of these tough cracker stains on your terrace or veranda.

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1. Water scrubbing

enter image description here If you've burnt crackers the previous night and intend to clean your terrace the next day morning, start with water. Take a small bucket of water and mix a good portion of liquid soap in it and mix till it’s frothy. Do not use too much of it though. Most stains are removed instantly so always do this as your step. Sometimes you can also let the stains soak in the water to remove them thoroughly.

2. The Lemon and soda way

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If the stains are small and tough, you can use lemon and sods. Squeeze two lemons into a container and add a spoon of baking soda in it. Owing to its acidic property, lemon is significantly effective in removing stains. Take a floor scrub and scrub out the stains using this mixture. However, going by the quantity of acid that can be derived from lemon, it goes without saying that lemon can only be used for small stains. Lemon and soda can also be used to remove oil stains that are likely to be caused by the diyas we use at home.

3. Spirits

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Spirit is another way of removing cracker stains. As such, it is as effective as lemon if not more. Considering the easy availability of kerosene, it is better you go with it. If you have spirit at home, wetting a cloth and using it to remove stains can be done. However, be careful while using kerosene on white tiles. They might stain the tiles due to their corroding nature.

4. Bleaching powder

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Bleaching powder is mostly basic and is a widely used cleaning agent. As far as cleaning cracker stains from your terrace is concerned, you can spread some bleaching powder on the stains. Leave it like that for about two or three hours and wash it off. Bleaching powder is pretty efficient in removing cracker stains from floors. Bleaching powder can also be mixed with some lemon juice or water and made into a paste and spread over the stains. However, bleaching powder can leave your coloured tiles white so it is better not to use it on coloured tiles. However, on cement ground or other surfaces, it’s good to go!

5. Kerosene.

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Kerosene is highly effective- perhaps the most effective cleaning agent. You can wet a cloth with kerosene and use directly. Also, kerosene can be sprayed on the stains and wiped off with a cloth. Most people use kerosene to remove other kinds of stains as well. As far as cracker stains are concerned, kerosene is highly effective.