Job Ready?

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This blog is kinnda personal because I am on the verge of finishing off my degree. The idea popped up because I was pondering upon whether after five years of grind and hard work, are we really fit enough to face the world?

So my question is, Is Indian education system fast forward enough to make its young population competent to take up challenging head on? The answer is saddening “ NO”. There is a huge leap and gap from what is taught in schools and at universities and what is need of real world. Here is bit of my analytical brain doing some work—if we look at evolution of cell phones, how they look like fat, ugly cordless devices to nowadays sleek and shiny smart phones, there is 100 times growth but look at our education system same things were taught to our grandparents as is taught to us.

Indian education system focuses on marks rather analytical method of teaching. If we look at any exam say Board Exams for that matter just 20% of marks are allotted to practical’s as compared to 80% being allotted to theory. When in reality it is practical’s that is going to work in real world. I agree being academically sound is great thing but equally important are co- curricular, sports etc.

Parents are also succumbing to societal pressure forcing their children to score highest grades, throwing them into maddening rat race. According to Centre for Disease and Control Protection 4.5 million aged between 3-17 years, that is 7.4% of children have been diagnosed with behaviour problem. Approximately 4.4 million children have anxiety disorders and 3.2% of children aged 3-17 years have are suffering from depression. Most of the times kids are not allowed to pursue what they are passionate about. Everybody is taught you got to score highest grades, you got to become doctor or an engineer. Then who will do other jobs? Pun intended.

Because of cut throat competition, most of the times teenagers fall prey to drugs and alcohol. Everybody is trying to knock everybody. There is lot of pressure on already burdened kids. And most sad part is even after so many struggles we don’t and up in our dream jobs because everywhere these colleges produce huge number of graduated who are unskilled and not suited for jobs. The change has to come, and it has to come now before future of lakhs of blossoming flowers is crushed.

There is a need to revamp education sector. First step can be change the rote way of learning and employ more practical and analytical methods of teachings. Decrease the number of teacher and student ratio, so that teacher is in position to do justice to everyone. There is dire need to change our examination pattern works, instead of asking direct questions more logical, reasoning and analytical questions should be asked. Present examination system only checks the capacity of pupils memorising skills that’s it. There should be spirituality classes which will help students to manage their emotions. We should have subjects which are more likely to help students to attain more skills required to manoeuvre life smoothly. The education should have deep link with realities of life because there is no point of learning something which are not going to use at any point of life. And right stage to implement is right from kindergarten level because what is seen that teachers in the name of disciplining child sometimes beat them up, which is a total no because it will not only hamper his mental health but self-esteem issues as well. Feeling has to be installed in each tiny tot that he is capable of achieving anything.

The education has to be complete; it should be life transforming experience in itself. It should not just make us an educated illiterate but a complete person.