Here’s Why Bengaluru Is The Coolest City (part 1)

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How many of us know everything about our cities? A handful, I guess. Namma Bengaluru is one of the best cities you can live in. From amazing sky scrapers to greenery and from techies to friendly people, Bengaluru has maintained its charm with undamaged history and culture. Here are the highlights of this city.

Stating the obvious, the weather.

Bengaluru is known for its amazing cool weather which is experienced through out the year, unlike any other city which experiences hot/ cold temperature, Bangalore keeps itself warm and pleasant. Its always a good time to step out and inhale a bit of that nature, if you know where to go.

The green city.

Bengaluru is also known as Garden City of India because of its green environment and a clean atmosphere. The roads, gardens, parks are clean and green with just a few slum areas. There’s more to the greens with the cubbon park for your morning walk. No better way to start your day!

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The techie knows how.

Bengaluru is also called the IT Capital or Silicon Valley of India because it’s a home to fifty thousand software companies, Bio-technology and BPO's also Bengaluru is the Head Quarters to Infosys, HAL Aeronautics and even ISRO.

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Imported cars are an everyday

One of the very few cities to have many imported cars on road. Luxury cars are just an everyday thing you see in Bengaluru. They are just everywhere zooming on the neat roads against the cool breeze.

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Communal harmony.

Bengaluru has the has all kinds of worship places like Temples, mosques and churches at a single place. It also has Gurudwaras, Jain derasars, Viharas, and Chabad. Well some of them stands next to each other especially in a place called Shivajinagar where Hindu, Muslim and Christians historic places of worship are present and everyone are peaceful.

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The nightlife!

In Bengaluru you must work hard but the pup culture here will definitely make you party harder. It is most alive post 9 pm everyday. The pub culture here ensures to kill all your stress and work load. The night life here includes parties as well as concerts, both desi and international artist shows.

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We are polyglots.

Are you new to this city? Haven’t you learnt Kannada yet? No problem. We Bengaluru people are not fanatics and are very open to a variety of languages and cultures. We are flexible and always look towards a harmonious relationship with outsiders to make you feel at home.

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This has been one part of why Bengaluru is one of the coolest cities. You shall see its second part coming soon! Until then, have a good time and love Bengaluru.