Here’s Why Bengaluru Is The Coolest City (part 2)

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The culture

Here are few other reasons why Bengaluru is probably the coolest city in India. Bengaluru has a very rich culture, it can be food or something devotional Bangalore keeps up its traditional values intact with its growing modernity.

Weekend wishes

Many fun activities await the weekend.Racing, go carting and many more. There are places to visit around Bengaluru too, places like nandi hills, coorg, kabini etc. enter image description here

Artsy and all

Bangaloreans are quite artistic – amazing graffiti and other arts adorn the city walls, making a walk in the city feel like an open art gallery! enter image description here

For the foody

Bengaluru’s Delicacies range from traditional to international, I mean you can find any kind of food like all types of Biryani, Indian Chicken, pork, beef dishes and international cuisines ranging from pure American to Mexican to Chinese to even Vietnamese, you will find all countries cuisines here.

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Extending fun

Well! We can party hard till 1pm and our Bangalore cops make sure that every man and women gets home safe. Our cops extend their warm hands to help even drunk people by securing them and getting them public transport with security.

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Inclusive places

From a young crowd of students from north India to a group of foreigners who are working here for a couple of years now. From west to north east Indians, Bengaluru has a place for all. Brigade road, commercial street and other inclusive shopping places are a must visit.

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This is Bengaluru to you!