New Year 365 0pportunities!

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Its New Year’s Eve and people usually take this occasion to start something fresh. People are hoping to make changes for the better 2018. It’s also a great time to look at your life and introspect; and accordingly decide what changes you’d like to bring in. In other words, it’s a time for New Year’s Resolutions. People all over the world determine to be nicer, eat healthier, quit smoking, change a personal aspect of your life, leave toxic relations behind, find new jobs, leave negativity and so on. People usually find it difficult to stick to these plans and give up on their goals even before they start. Hence there is popular saying that “New Year Resolutions are meant to be broken”.

This trend dates back to ancient times when in Rome citizens would pledge in the name of God Janus after whom month of January is named. Back then resolutions were simple, people would promise and strive to be good neighbours, become honest, obedient and have faith in gods.

People usually don’t stick to these plans either because they get busy in their mundane routine or feel lazy to do so. Sometimes resolutions are so pointless to even begin with. Some people are so engulfed by bad habits that they don’t even make resolution to better their life. If we stick even to one resolution that we make; we can see positive change in life. These resolutions can help you to change a bad habit, help you not to commit the same mistakes again and can act as pushing factor to accomplish a big dream.

Here are some of the resolutions that can make life worth living.

1. Health should be made priority enter image description here There is a saying that goes like, “Health is wealth.” In today’s fast paced world, the lifestyle has become sedentary. There is no time for proper sleep, eating or other activities. As a result diseases like obesity, blood pressure, diabetes etc. are on rise. So this year lets pledge to devout at least one hour in a day to our body. You can either go for morning walk, jogging, exercising or by going to gym, cutting on carbs and eating balanced diet.

2. Lay by something for rainy days enter image description here There is saying which goes like this, “Money saved is money earned.” Try to save as much money as possible. You never know when it can come handy. Try to reduce unnecessary expenditure. Make budget for month and spend accordingly, record your expenses. And watch your savings grow!

3. Waking up early in morning enter image description here

‘Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’ is among the most famous quotes of Benjamin Franklin. There is so much truth to this old adage. Apple CEO Tim Cook, Michelle Obama, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong, Xerox CEO Ursula Burns and many are among early risers. They start their day as early as 4 am. These people should be inspiration not to hit snooze button.

Waking up early in morning helps to start day with less distraction and improves memory power. You can be ahead of world by finishing your tasks well before rest of the world has rolled out of bed.

Here is a trick: Keep alarm across your room so that you are forced to come out of bed.

Also if you are not a morning person start by waking up 15 minutes earlier to your usual time for a week and then add another 15 minutes till it becomes habit.

4. Reading: enter image description here Reading make the a full man said Francis Bacon once. This year make it habit to read at least one good book a month. Develop habit of reading newspaper which will keep you abreast with what is happening around world, hence increasing your knowledge. Reading exposes one to ways of life, ideas and beliefs about the world which are different from those which surround them.

5. Develop new hobby enter image description here

There is an old saying that “idle man’s brain is devil’s workshop.” Blessed is the man who has some hobby. It brings joy and enriches lives. It is great way to eradicate boredom. It is way to do something fun during leisure time and keep yourself busy. It affords opportunity to learn new skills. It can relieve stress by keeping you engaged. So instead of sitting idle develop new skill, craft or hobby.

6. Make minimal use of social media

Study shows on an average a person uses phone 4 hours a day. Instead focus on productive things. You can have better sleep, it can increase productivity, prolonged use of mobile phones is detrimental to eye, neck and back health. Studies show continuous use of social media can cause depression as people end up comparing their lives online.

Other resolutions include leaving bad habits like smoking, drinking etc. instead focus on making career and make yourself proud! And stick to these resolutions.