Here’s How To Maintain Your Kitchen After Pest Control

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Prevention is better than cure and caution is better than prevention. I’m sure you all have heard the first part of the sentence. But what does the second half mean? We often take a lot of precautions towards safety and cleanliness but the trouble has its way of coming back, just as often. Here’s why we need caution more than prevention. In order for us to stop the double trouble, its simply best if we be more cautious with the cleanliness henceforth. After going on a deep cleaning through the kitchen, it will also become necessary to maintain the same hygiene so as to prevent further pest attacks. Here’s how you can do that.

Clean dry

Hungry pests always run towards water. Water or any other liquid such as oil, when mixed together, create a greasy compound that invites pests and also permanently discolours your cabinets. So always keep your kitchen dry, don’t leave any corners unattended after cleaning it. Pat dry with a cloth, the whole kitchen. enter image description here

Seal tight

The aroma of our spices are so strong and invite the pests back. Keep the food resources locked in airtight containers and avoid eating food anywhere other than the kitchen and dining area. In this way, you avoid sprinkling food particles around, which can otherwise become the perfect living resource for these insects. If any spillage, clean it right away. enter image description here

Cabinet and sinks

keep your cabinets as dry as possible. Cabinets are closed spaces with limited ventilation and this could serve as a thriving spot for the pests. When the cabinets are dirty, they could also lead to decay. Since it is less used, it can go unnoticed and you will have to face the trouble again. Same goes with sinks. Sink pipes are all connected to the sewage plants that have innumerable pests in it. Pipes lead to open sinks and there are chances where you can see pests all over the sinks, especially during monsoons. So every time while logging off from kitchen work, make sure you empty a small bucket of water forcefully down the sink so if there be any pests on the walls of the pipe, they’ll be washed away for good. enter image description here

Keep it covered

We all have fruits on the dining table. Just as important it is to eat fruits, its also important to eat fresh fruits. Keeping fruits out in the open cause contamination from flies, cockroaches and many more pests. It’s always advisable to keep these foods covered and clean. Thus not attracting pests by the aroma of the fruits. enter image description here

Regular waste disposal

Pests thrive on waste and garbage and there’s no stopping it. The only way to keep these pesky pests out is to not have any garbage at home. It is advisable to dispose of waste from kitchen, on a daily basis. This will ensure that the house is cleaned regularly, and no pests can infest your home. enter image description here

Go for a regular deep cleaning

It is not an easy job to get rid of these intruders as they have the ability to survive the worst. However, if you still find these creatures crawling around your floor after pest control, just give us a call at OTJ247. We will help you with a regular deep cleaning in the kitchen. No matter how hard we try keeping our kitchen clean, our busy life leaves us with very little time to do a deep cleaning. In such cases, you can always call in the experts from OTJ247 who will deep clean your kitchen and make it sparkle! enter image description here

With these simple yet effective methods, you can ensure a pest free kitchen, always.