Let’s Go Eco- Friendly This Diwali

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Diwali vibes have been spreading for a few days now. The month of joy, colours and lights is finally here. Celebrations, explosions, sweets, gifts, family and friends – these are the things that define Diwali. The mood across the country is jubilant, festive, and extravagant. But year after year, one smoking issue emerges and that is firecrackers and the impact they have on the environment. However, there may be some who want to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali but are not sure how to go about it. It’s about time we give Diwali a little twist. Here are a few tips to go eco-friendly this Diwali.

1. Use earthy diyas

enter image description here There's nothing more charming than the good-old oil diyas. The further our generation goes, the more we incline towards vintage goods. Replace the electric lights with traditional diyas. This way, you won't just be saving the environment, you will also be supporting local artisans who make these diyas. And painting diyas are a fun school vacation activity. You can have your kid occupied while you can make arrangements for the festival.

2. Organic Rangoli

enter image description here Rangoli not only adds to the décor and the festive vibes but also prevents various insects from entering the premises. This time, choose organic colours over chemical ones. You can even create one using flowers and that would look all the more beautiful at the door step. Imagine having an option to use the different coloured pulses, fresh flowers and bright yellow turmeric and red kumkum! What a stunning rangoli can be designed out of these!

3. Pet protection

enter image description here Diwali can be a very frightening and confusing time for your pets. Our furry friends are very sensitive to loud noises. Most birds die from polluted air and loud explosions. It’s about time to change our ways. You could request your neighbours not use crackers for the sake of the pets in your area. Take them for a walk in the day before the festivities start. Always watch out for the naughty lot that tie crackers around dogs and light them up. this is a very heinous thing to do and must be forbidden at all costs. Always remember to provide shelter to the stray dogs if possible.

4. Gift a sapling

enter image description here Talking of a green Diwali, what could be better than gifting a plant? Kitchen herbs, feng shui plants, air purifying plants, bonsai, terrariums make great eco-conscious gifts. Some other eco-friendly gift options are jute bags, khadi clothes, and solar powered gadgets. To give the gift a personal touch, make a card from recycled paper to go with it. Also, remember to pack your gifts in newspapers instead of shiny plastic wraps. After all, gifting anything that supports the green cause is always special!

5. Balloons # fireworks

enter image description here Confused? Well, here is fun way to use balloons instead of fireworks. Take a cotton string of whatever length you want. Fill as many as 100-200 balloons and attach them to the string in either regular or irregular order. When it’s done, it will look like a long chain of balloons. Now leave on end of the string free and insert the other end into a nailed or needled plate. When the balloon string is pulled through the nailed plate, the balloons will burst, making it sound like fireworks. This way, you are not just being more creative but also saving the environment from a lot of air pollution. Don’t forget to try this.

6. Campfire

enter image description here After a long day of celebrations, nothing would feel better than just logging off to some slow music on a cool night. To kick in some festive vibe, just gather round your friends and family and set a campfire and have your late night conversations while enjoying your desserts or just play some games and wind up on a happy note.