Light Some Lamps And Make Some Noise

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Home is not just four walls and a roof, it’s a happy place filled with joy and laughter. Just like we try to keep our family safe and happy, we also clean our house before every festival as a way of talking care of it. Yet, over time, little things manage to accumulate in nooks and corners, in the form of unwanted belongings as well as dust! We often mean to get down to it and take care of the mess, but something always comes up. Well now that Diwali’s almost here, you can’t put it off any longer! If the task seems far too overwhelming at this point, don’t worry. We have listed out a simple and effective steps to help you prepare your home for Diwali.

Diwali is a festival that honours goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. It is believed that homes are lit up to show the way for the goddess, so that she may enter them and bless the residents of each home with wealth and prosperity. Surely, you want a clean and tidy home to welcome Goddess Lakshmi!


enter image description here The first step to prepare your home for Diwali is to make it trash-free. Yes, all those unused objects are trash. You can either donate them or just dispose them. This is probably the most physically and emotionally taxing step of all, so be sure to allot some time for it every day. Don’t aim at finishing up all at once. Take it one room at a time so you have a clean job done easy. With kids at home, you will have an extra pair of helping hands too. Start out from one end of the house and go through every drawer, every shelf and under every bed. Take out everything you haven’t used in a couple of years and are unlikely to use in the near future. Be ruthless!


enter image description here Once you’ve decluttered your home, you’re probably feeling like you got a load off your chest! Now that you can actually see some parts of your home free, you can also see how much dirt they’ve collected. Get your house help ready to work solely on this for the whole day, so the two of you can clean all those difficult to reach spaces together. Don’t forget the tops of cupboards, under furniture, behind cupboards, over light bulbs as well as clocks, paintings and switchboards. Avoid dusting vigorously that just sends the dust flying into the air; use a vacuum cleaner instead and wet wipe all surfaces. Deep cleaning can be very stressful and time consuming so it’s always better to get some help and start with it well in advance. However, if you are a procrastinator, then we can do the job for you. Call us and book an appointment right away and your deep cleaning is just one call away.


enter image description here Diwali involves lights and lamps. When you are the host, you ought to make sure it’s going to be a safe and sound festival. when lighting is involved, always make sure your electrical work is well done. Safety first. Do not leave any wire hanging and unattended. Tie them up or tape them down and completely unreachable to the kids. Also make sure to not place any diyas or lamps close to drapes or curtains or any other material that can easily catch fire. Make sure all the lights are of the energy saving variety. The same goes for furniture – polish scuffed surfaces, fix wobbly legs and broken hinges because the kids just don’t stay put. Check all doors, windows and locks. If anything seems far too old that it’s better to get a new one than repair it. Get an expert’s opinion on pest control or plumbing issues.


enter image description here With all the preparations done before hand, your home is all set for new stuff. Be it clothes, décor or other home appliances, bring them in. Make the most of sales and Diwali deals that run both online and in physical stores. Wholesale stores are a good place to get inexpensive items like flowers, lamps and other random decorations. If you’re getting fresh flowers, arrange for someone to bring them home on the day. When buying home decor pieces, always think about how they’ll fit in your space, and if it’s a relatively large piece, take measurements to be sure. Keep the colours of your home in mind, so that everything comes together to create a harmonious look.


enter image description here After all that prep, Diwali is nearly here! Your home is clean and clutter-free and everything is working to your satisfaction. Now it’s time to put the final touches to make your home truly worthy of a goddess lakshmi’s visit. Place lights everywhere – diyas along the window sill. Place a traditional lamp or an uruli (traditional bowl) at the entrance, filled with flowers or flower petals. One tip – make at least one piece of DIY decor and put it in a visible spot to add that personal touch – it’s your home after all! Your home is beautiful and ready! In every step, be sure that you work in a way that is friendly to the environment. Use eco-friendly colors for rangoli, get star-rated energy saving appliances and buy quality products. Avoid getting too much stuff that’ll just contribute to clutter and take you back to square one! Keep away from plastic and use natural materials as far as possible. This also makes your post-Diwali clean up a lot easier.

6. Fireworks?

enter image description here Oh yes, how can we forget the fireworks? They have been the tradition ever since and they are all that kids want. So try shooting at a happy and safe Diwali by choosing the fireworks wisely. Buy the kids small ones that don’t cause much air pollution or noise pollution. Trying to strike a balance between keeping the kids happy and protecting the environment is vital. And as for adults, we can make do with beautiful lanterns before retiring for the night, right?

Have a happy, safe and a very prosperous Diwali everybody.