Me Too Movement

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MeToo movement), is global movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault. From immemorial till now nothing has changed substantially when it comes patriarchal mind set of society. Implied signals are given that women need to bear everything even sexual harassment. This moment was started in the backdrop to break this taboo and to make the world realise the magnitude of this centuries old menace.


Credit for this movement goes to Tarana Burke who is African- American civil rights activist. In the year 2006 (nearly 13 years ago) she created #MeToo hashtag to raise awareness about of sexual abuse and assault in society. The phrase gained popularity and caught the attention of world in the year 2017 when dozens of women accused American film producer Harvey Weinstein of rape, sexual assault and sexual abuse over a period of at least 30 years.


This movement has acted as catalyst and has opened the floodgates to complaints about assault and harassment in all corners of world. The women instead of shying away are coming forward to bring accused persons to justice. It is giving a clear cut signal to perverted minds to behave or face the wrath of society. It is powerful movement telling world enough is enough, you can’t silence women forever. It has brought to light that how sexual harassment is order of day everywhere even in elite industries. Famous people around the world have been accused of sexual harassment by women. This moment has given voice and courage to women to speak up against the harassment they have gone through which otherwise they would not have got. Till now women were blamed for getting raped, harassed or abused but this movement has brought the idea of sexual harassment and assault into the public consciousness. It has emerged as powerful tool that sexual harassment happens even when people don’t talk about it. It is powerful medium to raise awareness about this deadliest issue.

The data shows that this term has been searched for in every corner of the planet which shows that this moment reverberated everywhere.


Though the movement has been doing rounds in world since quite a long time its impact in India was realised only when former Miss India Universe Tanushree Dutta took to publically accuse Nana Patekar of sexually harassing her on the sets of film in the year 2009. This spread like fire with almost every second women associated with Bollywood taking to internet to express their ordeal. It gave a very filthy picture of Bollywood in which many famous personalities have been accused of sexual misconduct. From famous folk singer Kailash Kher to filmmaker Vikas Bahl and renowned sanskari actor Alok Nath, Rajat Kapoor, many names have popped up in the recent past who have been accused of sexual harassment.


It gave a sense that the problem of sexual harassment of women is something which needs to be taken seriously. It only takes two words for your story to be heard. The movement started as a way for women to post a simple status of “Me Too” to realize the insane amount of survivors who have been under the hand of sexual harassment and to open up about it without saying much at all. It has been constructive way to tell men it is time to reconsider and reflect on their own behaviour in workplaces. Learning to live with fear is what women and minorities have done for centuries and it has caused damage and needs to be done away with.