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Cleaning services - Bathroom Cleaning
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Professional Bathroom Cleaning Services in Bangalore

OTJ247 offers professional bathroom cleaning services in Bangalore by efficiently disinfecting the bathroom through acid wash. The procedure starts from by taking a great care in withstanding soap residue and to ensure a clean bathroom.

• Professional bathroom deep cleaning in Bangalore starts with the removal of soap residue and unwanted dust, hair from the ground.

• After removing the unwanted particles apply a concentrated solution tile and mortar cleaner.

• A silt brush is used to remove the unwanted muddy around the different equipments.

• Our bathroom cleaners wipe the tub and shower surrounded with dirty particles.

• After wiping the tub and shower, it gets dried, and hence soap residue is not present.

• By cleaning the toilets completely, germs will be killed. Split brushes are used on rough areas to, get germ free toilet.

Professional Bathroom Cleaning Tips

• Inside the bathroom keep vacuum in order to get germ free.

• To slow the development of water marks, use a small squeegee every day.

• Keep some mixture, or a fresh candle in order to get good smell.