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Our company is a leading service provider of home automation solutions in Bangalore, India. We actually offer the best home automation Bangalore services such as, e-facility, e-curtains, and etc.

We at OTJ247 offer you various home automation solutions including,

1. Security alarms

2. Home theatre

3. Smart home

4. Smart lighting

5. Distributed audio/video

6. Surveillance

7. Security systems suppliers and etc.

Our smart home services cover all aspects of your home automation from the doors to everything to make convenient to use. Our home automation solutions bangalore will make your home comfortable, safe, and also energy efficient to live with full peace of mind.

As the leading provider of smart home automation solutions, our OTJ247 company is actually designed to fit your regular lifestyle. Our services also allow you to faultlessly control all important factors of your property including,

1. Security

2. Energy management

3. Digital home control

4. Surveillance

Our home automation service providers are highly skilled and well trained professionals to give you easy, innovative, convenient, and affordable range of wireless home automation solutions to make your living space as the digital smart home.

We got the recognition of one of the best home automation companies in bangalore because of our reliability, honesty, innovative, and advanced technological automation solutions to all types of homes.

Our Specialities:

We at OTJ247 provide excellent range of home automation solutions to make your existing home as the smart home. There are so many reasons why choose us which include,

1. Affordability

2. Easy installation

3. Wireless automation solution

4. Energy management

5. Intelligence

6. Safe and convenience

7. Scalability