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CCTV - Maintenance
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CCTV adopts video recorder cameras for the transmission of electronic signals to monitoring department where they will be viewed on monitors. CCTV consists of large number of cameras based on the physical area to be covered. Regular maintenance of cameras such as cleaning has to be done for the efficient operation and to prevent camera damage.

CCTV maintenance services in Bangalore offered by OTJ247 are designed based on the different factors as listed below

• Specialized CCTV technicians to work on the CCTV cameras.

• To back your CCTV surveillance system with a strong CCTV maintenance personnel to ensure CCTV camera’s health.

• CCTV maintenance services in Bangalore provided by OTJ247 team includes Camera Clarity check, Video Recording Test, Video recording configuration settings and storage disk check.

Benefits of CCTV Comprehensive Maintenance Services In Bangalore

• Skilled and Specialized CCTV personnel

• Instant Support on the same day

• We use only authentic and original spares.

• Warranty on service