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We Provide You Revolutionized Sofa Cleaning Service!

We are the top sofa cleaning service provider in Bangalore with the goal of perfectly cleaning your sofa sets with the modernized cleaning results. At OTJ247, we provide advanced range of eco-friendly sofa cleaning services in Bangalore.

Initially, we have only a few numbers of professionals and later we developed our cleaning service with the huge numbers of cleaning professionals because of their extensive demands. With our excellent service model, now we have our exclusive presence all over in Bangalore.

Currently, our OTJ247 Company has become one of the widely used platforms on the internet space to hire professionals for sofa set cleaning in Bangalore. We have hundreds of daily web visitors because of our successful sofa set cleaning service.

Our Professional Sofa Cleaning Services:

When it comes to our sofa cleaning services, our professional cleaners are following the different eco-friendly method to clean your sofas perfectly. Those services include,.

1. Vacuuming your sofa sets

2. Sofa shampooing

3. Sofa cleaning using the professional cleaning tools

4. Steam cleaning without damaging your upholstery clothes

At OTJ247, our professional cleaners are using the best revolutionary cleaning approach to provide high quality range of sofa cleaning services in Bangalore. Our revolutionary cleaning approach includes 4 steps such as,

1. Restaurants

2. UV sterilization

3. Dust extraction

4. Anti dust mite spray

5. Foam shampoo

This approach will surely be helpful to perfectly clean your sofa sets within a few minutes.