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Cleaning services - Water tank Cleaning
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Sump & Overhead Water Tank Cleaning Services in Bangalore

OTJ247 provides efficient Overhead water tank cleaning services in Bangalore to ensure high cleanliness standards. We use suitable advanced machine tools to remove the deep routed salts, amoebas and other accumulated wastes in the walls of Sump and water tank.

How do we do Sump and Overhead water tank cleaning?

1. Empty the existing water from overhead water tank and sump using water motors.

2. Remove sludge manually with required tools.

3. Washing the walls and ceiling of tank after sludge removal and spit the dirty water out.

4. Spray Anti-bacterial solutions.

Water Tank Cleaning Services in Bangalore in detail

• Water Tank cleaning services in Bangalore start with the cleaning of manhole and surroundings containing the full of dirt, mud and algae.

• The pump removes all the dirty to one place. The next procedure is that to remove the dirt that stick on the walls of the overhead water tank.

• The overhead water tank contains high amount of germs and bacteria due to the compression of water.

• With the help of vacuum cleaner the floor gets completely clean and dirt free.

• By spraying the corners of the tank ensures total sterilization of the tank from inside with the anti-bacterial agents.

• Ultraviolet radiator is used to kill the floating bacteria remained in the tank.